Jarreau Ayers

Jarreau Ayers

My hope with this recent expression of thought is that those individuals, organizations and media outlets who claim to support transparency and humane treatment with impartiality view this letter as a call to accountability on those political leaders who publicly advocate for progressive changes to Delaware Prison System. Changes that consist of a clear acknowledgment through the Class I Agreement of what long-term solitary confinement can do to the deterioration of an individual’s mental health! Changes acknowledge through the findings of the governor’s report for the need for transparency on how the inmates are being treated from not only a medical standpoint, but a personal growth standpoint. “Hope” grounded in the process of redemption, rehabilitation through educational opportunities and the strengthening of family and community ties.

Yet, somehow, contrary to these public avocations for progressive changes to the system based off of our nation’s collective belief of redemption and rehabilitation, myself along with other political prisoners from Delaware have been transferred with the taxpayers’ money to the state of Pennsylvania solitary confinement that functions on a racist and antiquated belief system of pain, punishment and hopelessness!!!

The racism masked through security is clear and condoned. Inmates are walked around with a dog/horse leash attached to their handcuffs; a leash that’s pulled by an officer to indicate how an inmate should start or stop walking! Currently, we’re being housed in a long-term solitary confinement system with a standing policy completely in contradiction of Delaware’s policies. Inmates are held indefinitely without any plan articulated to the inmate regarding rehabilitation steps towards guarantee of release! Contrary to the any mental health or the hopeless emotional impact it causes. This mental and emotional systematic torture is exacerbated by the fact that not only is our support/family members five hours or more away, we’re also being denied weekend visitation due to our solitary confinement status. This is a clear systematic design to force family and friends to choose between going to work, going to school or taking off to come to a visit! Connection to family is a key element to hope, growth and rehabilitation for inmates, especially of those lockdown 23 & 1….

So the question is, if not for the purpose of retaliation “a financial quid pro quo” to subject us to conditions Delaware is unable to, due to its position on progressive change, why else use taxpayers’ money to support a system it claims to be fundamentally and morally opposed to!!!!?

All I’m asking for is accountability and impartial questions to be asked on behalf of true change/positive, humane and progressive change! I ask this because we all understand that selfless conscious acknowledgement of another human being’s inhumane treatment is a key element to any social structure of change and growth. Especially when we’re asking for that change to come by way of amplifying suppressed/oppressed marginalized voices. Amplified to an extent that collectively we garner enough noise to pierce the insulation of denial and disregard those in a political position of power are often able to hide within. So, once again, I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who has chosen to help amplify our message, our concerns and our mental and emotional pain!

As for those who voice their misplaced concerns and beliefs that claim that if we truly want out of solitary confinement or that if we really wanted to see our families and friends, that if we want the mental, emotional and physical torture to stop, that we should keep out mouths shut, lay low and not make ourselves a target, my response may seem hubris to some, but it’s humbling through clarity to me! I’m beyond being a target! I’m currently being bludgeoned daily by these systematic tortures crouched in a racist, antiquated prison belief system of pain, punishment and hopelessness!

Therefore, I would rather acknowledge my plight, no matter how painful that truth may be that consciously engage in positive action s that affect systematic change to those conditions, rather than embrace an illusion that the fight isn’t already upon me and simply suffer on my knees in silence.

I would never! Ever! Implore that belief system on anyone!!!

Peace and Solidarity

Contact: Smart Communications/PADOC Jarreau Ayers #NS9994 S.C.I Huntingdon PO Box 33028 St. Petersburg, FL 33733

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