Michael Lawrence


Limiting your ability to stand up and speak out against the oppressors is a stance that most prisoners are not willing to take. Why is that? Commissary, phone calls, recreation, visitation, and isolation are the answers to that question. Inside these prisons are warzones that some individuals don’t come out alive afterward. I’m not talking about physical death, which is the case sometimes. I’m speaking of mental unawareness. After being mentally, and physically beating for so long it can destroy the strongest of individuals. We have to be mindful of that. We wonder how we can overcome. In SOLIDARITY! Take action! Educate the people, and participate! I’ve been subjected to this oppression since birth. Way before prison came about. If we educate the unaware and come as one, in solidarity & stand and fight together, and not leave our righteous brothers and sisters alone, then progress will come about. Individuals sacrificed their lives for this ongoing struggle for the people and to not want to take a stance is wrong!

Vaughn 17.

Lawrence Michaels #NW2894 SCI Smithfield PO Box 33028 St Petersburg, FL 33733

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