Roman Shankaras & Obadiah Miller

Obadiah Miller

Roman Shankaras

Greetings, this is Obadiah Miller and Roman Shankaras of the Vaughn 17. As you probably know there were 3 trials regarding the riot that took place Feb 1st 2017. These trials only resulted in 3 convictions, which came from individuals who confessed their involvement. Roman and I went to trial in 2019 and got justly acquitted of all charges. Subsequently Lawrence Michaels, Robert Hernandez, Janiis Mathis, Pedro Chairez, Luis Sierra, Alejandro Rodriguez-Ortiz, Corey Smith and Jonathan Rodriguez charges were dropped. Shortly thereafter everyone was transferred out of state to Pennsylvania with the exceptions of Luis Sierra in Smyrna, DE, Robert Hernandez in New Mexico, and Pedro Chairez in Illinois. Upon arrival to Pennsylvania all of the remaining Vaughn 17 were placed in the hole under the guise of Restricted Release (RRL), which is a step down program you have to do when found guilty of an offense in a correctional facility. Pennsylvania DOC has admitted that most of them were acquitted, but still the state refuses to move them to general population. The Vaughn 17 are being unjustly held in solitary confinement months after their charges were dropped at the behest of the state. In the midst of this injustice we’re planning a 17 day of action initiative leading up to February 1st.

Roman Shankaras and Obadiah Miller have since been released, but you can contact them at

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