Originally posted on January 22, 2020

Throughout ancient and modern times, there’s been acts of rebellions, uprisings and insurrections orchestrated by valiant souls for the sake of a greater good. Unfortunately, a lot of these events were either erased or distorted by the writers of history. This reality is why it’s of the utmost importance for us to preserve the Vaughn17 saga and any other narratives that capture the same spirit of sacrifice, liberty, resistance and greater good as the martyrs that came before us. One of the most renowned representations of such is Harriet Tubman. She not only liberated herself from the jurisdiction of slavery but on numerous occasions jeopardized her life and freedom to rescue thousands of others. When the mind morphs into a by any means mode, the level of threat to the overall objective is what dictates the necessary. At times Harriet had to execute the fainthearted who denied themselves salvation to remain on the plantation. They were eliminated because in that instant they’d become a liability. It was too much at stake to take a chance on them not compromising or sabotaging the mission. In her eyes, she’d make sure they were freed one way or another….Nat Turner is another notable who marshaled one of the more militant rebellions that slaves themselves organized against oppression. Their fight was to ensure everyone’s freedom and dismantle the whole plantation and political system. Nat made practicable the element of surprise. He patiently waited while contemporaneously coordinating a clandestine ambush. For them, an insurrection was the gateway to emancipation. Though less publicized than the others. Denmark Vesey spearheaded one of the most “boldly conceptualized” uprisings that ever materialized. Sadly his demise came by the hands of house niggers and informants. Denmark was sentenced to death because of the audaciousness of his ambitions. The judge was so desensitized to the disenfranchisement haunting the slaves’ existence, that the immensity of Denmark’s sacrifice was unfathomable. This was conveyed when he dumbfoundedly stated, “What infatuation could have prompted you to attempt an enterprise so wild and visionary. You were a free man, comely, wealthy and enjoyed every comfort compatible with your situation. You had, therefore, much to lose and little to gain. Is slavery, then, a thing so detestable, that a man favored will engage in a plan that desperate merely to rescue his children from it?!” POWER IS THE PEOPLE!

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